Trial Presentation

Years are spent collecting and protecting evidence; a few precious minutes are available to share it with a jury.  A seamless display of evidence and deposition testimony is Eaton Trial Technology’s goal on every matter supported.

Working on-site or online with your team, the consultant learns your case and devises with you the best way to deliver your message visually. Cross-examinations are made even more impactful with unparalleled video deposition impeachment.  Opening statements and closing arguments are arresting and engaging.

Evidence Database

A comprehensive and reliable exhibit database is the foundation of trial presentation. Working with your team and using state of the art software a database is compiled and maintained. Upon completion of the matter the final database is provided to you for future use.

Deposition Video Management

An integral part of the presentation is video deposition testimony. Before it can be displayed it must be time-synced to the transcript. We ensure the video is in the proper format and synced for use. Once complete, designations are available with text reports and run-times.

Graphics Video/Still image

Professional quality digital video and still photography is available.